Family Homework Autumn 2016



The Reception children were asked to create a Stick Man house for their family homework. They have been reading the story Stick Man, and Stick Man lives in a Stick Man house with his Stick Man Wife and his three stick children. The children have created some fantastic houses! We are so pleased that the children and their families have spent time creating these amazing houses, and we know the children are really proud of them.

Year 1

Year One Hazel family homework was to recreate Grandmas Cottage from the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Children were encouraged to use recycled cardboard and things that can be found in the garden to help build their cottage. There were lots of wonderful designs sent in from the children and although we would like to showcase all of the homework unfortunately, we can only show a selection.

Year 2

This half term Year 2 have been looking at The Great Outdoors, Habitats and The Gruffalo. The Year 2 Teachers thought it would be fun to combine all three and ask the children to design and make a model of a home for the Gruffalo.

The children chose whatever materials they felt were suitable for making their Gruffalo Home, but were encouraged to use recycled junk and things found in the garden. As usual, the children were encouraged to ask their families for help.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Family homework was based on our science topic, 'Adaptation and Evolution'.

Children were asked to: imagine that they have discovered a new species of animal; present their design as a 3D model, poster, a page from a reference book or a labelled drawing.

They needed to explain:

-what the animal looked like;

-what its habitat looked like;

-the features that the animal had evolved to help it to survive in its habitat and

-how the animal moved, ate, grew and communicated with other members of its species.