NET Art Events July 2016

On Tuesday 5th July 2016 a group of children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 attended athe NET Arts event at the Barbican Theatre in York. They performed a dance routine which they had spent several weeks perfecting prior to the event.

The children involved were all participants of the after school dance clubs led by Mrs Jacques and Mrs Kaur. They had been given the choice of a country on which to base their performance and decided to choose England using the ?Queens 90 th Birthday celebrations? as a starting point. A circus theme was the stimulus for the choreography, being as the modern circus was actually created in England by Philip Astley, a former cavalry Sergeant ? Major turned showman.

All the children involved had worked extremely hard on the performance, giving up parts of their lunch times as well as being committed to rehearsals during their respective after school clubs. The teamwork and dedication to the project was evident in the fantastic performance that they gave on the day and it is fitting to say that they did our school proud.

On arriving at the theatre the children immediately went for their rehearsal slot on the actual stage and were really excited at the prospect of performing in such a professional environment. The morning was spent rehearsing, receiving instructions from the stage crew, getting costumes on, meeting children from other NET academies and being interviewed or photographed in the large sports hall where the children eagerly waited for the performance to begin.

The children had a fantastic day which included having the opportunity to watch performances from other schools that were taking part in the show.

They were in awe of the whole occasion and showed excellent behaviour throughout the day. What a team!

The children had to show enormous commitment during preparations for the event and the benefits of taking part include a rise in self -esteem, an introduction to performing arts, improved teamwork, improved creativity, discipline and an awareness of team spirit. They really enjoyed performing to a live audience and thoroughly deserved the round of applause that they got at the end of their routine.

The day was a total success and parents that did manage to come along and support their children?s performance enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of non- stop entertainment.

Well done to all our children that took part and to the organisers that helped to make this such a lovely day for the children. Here?s looking forward to being invited to participate again next year.