Outdoor Learning


Week 1

We have been exploring the language short and tall as we have been learning about giraffe's. The children used blocks to make tall and short towers and then went on to creating their own models, which included, a hammer, a dinosaur that lives in Africa and a police fire engine to name but a few.

We have also enjoyed working on out gross motor skills by following lines. The children then created their own and the children followed these. The children then went on to create different pieces of mark making ( child initiated) which included, a lollipop, a man, a rainbow and name writing.

Other children became adventurous and took risks at trying out new ways of using the climbing frame and the big blocks.

Week 2

This week we have been busy beavers in our outside learning. We have been; taking risks and learning how to move on the climbing apparatus in different ways, we have done PE outside and practiced our ball skills kicking and catching a big ball, mark making with chalk, we have parked our bikes in the car wash bay, we have been exploring how to move in different ways such as; jumping, running, walking, skipping and hopping, we have had races on the bikes and we have pretended to be animals from our topic on safari.


Our tree had been cut down earlier in the week, and the Reception children have had lots of fun climbing up the tyres, balancing and jumping off!

Year 1

Year One Hazel went outside and drew around each other and labelled the parts of our body.

Year 2

Week 1

Silver Birch class planted sunflower seeds and looked at some of the vegetables growing in the beds. They spotted snails, bees and a moth in the beds too!

Week 2

A group of children from Year 2 Silver Birch went on a habitat hunt. They found different habitats in the outdoor area and talked about which creatures would live there.

Year 3

In Year 3 the children are growing tomato plants. They are keeping diaries in order to monitor their progress. This week they measured their tomato plant and drew and observational drawing.

Year 4

In Maths Year 4 were studying symmetry in the outdoor environment by taking photographs of symmetrical objects.

Year 5

Week 1

Creating maps and using co-ordinates

Week 2

Learning about Area and Perimeter outside this week.

Year 6

Yr 6 have been working on improving their observational and sketching skills. We used our outdoor environment to collect some leaves and twigs and sketch them!