Year 3 Rowan Cresswell Crag 2015

Year 3 Rowan?s Trip to Cresswell Crags

As part of Year Three?s topic work the ?The Stone Age? the children went on a trip to Cresswell Crags. On the trip the children first went in a cave. On the way to the cave they met a girl called Ra, who was a Stone Age person. She took the children to the cave and shared her life with them. The children were able to compare their lifestyle to Ra?s.

The children then attended a survival skills workshop. During the workshop, the children had the opportunity to throw spears, make shelters and cook food outdoors. After lunch the children played in the outdoor playing area and had the opportunity to go to the gift shop to buy a souvenir.

Most importantly, the children enjoyed the whole day and got hands on knowledge about the Stone Age.