Behaviour and Rewards

Shine Like a Star

Our class-based behaviour system enables all children to be recognised for consistently good learner behaviour which can be seen by all who enter the classroom. Children who display very good learner behaviour will have a gold star card displayed and for those who display consistently exceptional behaviour they may be awarded the ultimate Shooting Star award, if your child is awarded this you will be notified by letter as it is definitely something to celebrate!


Where behaviour is not of the standard we expect appropriate sanctions are put in place which may include time out, missed playtime, community payback. When a child has misbehaved in a more serious manner this may result in a red card and a letter home to parents. Where there are concerns regarding a child's behaviour in school parents will be invited into a meeting to discuss ways forward.


We take firm measures to ensure that all our pupils, staff and visitors can be sure that the school is safe and secure. If you believe your child is the victim of bullying then please report this to any adult member of staff at school; the class teaching assistant, teacher, vice-principal or principal, who will all take your concern seriously, and will act in accordance with our Anti-bullying policy.

Behaviour Policy